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I adore your games! It seems like I'm playing them backwards since playing Inscryption... but wow have I enjoyed them. Recorded a playthrough of The Hex (2 parts) that I'm sharing - please don't ever stop making games!

Very fun but every time I play the 6th chapter of the game it crashes whenever a building pops up around the player.

I couldn't stop playing ,So addictive.

loved this game!


I just finished it, and it worth every minute playing. Such a great story !


I was looking for a game for halloween season, and I must say this game has everything I expected: its fun, entertaining, gory, surprising, spooky. Its rich packed with story twists and absurd ideas. I love it!

the less you know about this the better it is, pleasantly surprised and cant wait for next game


Wow. This game far surpassed my expectations and delivered an experience (or many experiences if you count all the games in it separately) I won't soon forget.

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Fantastic game, this had so much packed into it. Truly a gem, having a lot of variety in game play was great. The story was also cool, loved it.


This is great fun so far. The different sub-games are brilliant, so much packed into one games. 

The problem is, I'm really bad with shooter games. Really bad. I'm now stuck in the lift scene trying to shoot my way out. I've tried literally hundreds of times and I can't pass this one. Could someone do it for me so I can see what comes next...

I think last time I played, I got stuck in the same spot!


Going into this game with no knowledge of what to expect was the best decision I've ever made. I thought it was going to be a simple, story-based game, and instead I found myself pouring hours into the game and the story, becoming immersed in the characters and their emotions and experiences. I was moved by the game, and absorbed in the questions that it asked about video games and industry. This game is one of the best I've played in a while, and that ending.... incredible. 

It made sense, it was brutal, it was heart-wrenching, and it was an experience that I'm so happy I had. Highly recommend this game to anyone who, like me, loves a good story and emotionally-compelling gameplay. 


This game is something... incredible. I went into this with hardly any knowledge of what I was getting into, just a quick scan of the shop page.  I expected a short, fun mystery game with elements and references to all these other game types. What I got was one of the most compelling experiences I've ever gotten from a video game. I played through the whole thing in one sitting because I just couldn't tear myself away. The ending matched the energy of the game incredibly well. Just all around an amazing game.

Really enjoyed playing this! The different game styles were fun, and I appreciated that it was easy not to die in them since I'm pretty bad at half of them. Wowzer of an ending! 

I beat the game five minuets ago and I am still speachless.
It helped that I didn't realize who the game was by until after beating it.


Increible juego, al fin y al cabo un juego de Daniel Mullins, un nombre a tener en cuenta durante los próximos años del panorama indie. 

Is there any chance that we get the update with Brazillian Portuguese Language here in 

I wish that i could stream the game without having to translate on-the-fly :)

Hey, that update is on itch now. Better late than never? Sorry for the wait!

That. Was. Amazing!

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WOW. Great game...  one of the best I've played in my 40 plus years.

First of all, it is such an impressive feat of VG writing.

Secondly, I loved how the games were hard enough to make you learn, make you try, but easy enough to never frustrate me. In each instance, the game made me pay attention to the joy involved in learning a mechanic, and identifying when to use it.

I would compare the overall experience as a player as similar to that I got from  ...maybe a LucasArts adventure? But I want to point out that this game is never anything less than something VERY original, unique and fresh.

I can't give you much more praise than that.


How have I not heard about this before? The creators previous game Pony Island was a tour de force of overthrowing expectations in game design and I absolutely loved it. This game follows up on that premise and is a bit more ambitious about it. I dont want to spoil too much, but if you've been around games for a while, you'll love how this game treats game stereotypes and the surrounding discussion on videogames. The actual gameplay elements are a bit hit or miss, but its a nostalgic and surprisingly enjoyable journey through decades of videogame history. Clever game. 4/5

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A delightfully fun and moody game that improves on its predecessor Pony Island by having more story substance and more unique gameplay mechanics. It's an extra fun treat for those steeped in all the different genres, game mechanics, and experiences videogames offer. While on the surface it may seem like mere references or in-jokes, the use of different genres and (sort of) parodic characters/narratives is used to create novel gameplay beyond "I recognize that thing."


I just finished it. What an amazing ride that was. Funny, great writing and very interesting gameplay.

I just can't.  Explain it.  But I can bet actual money that any person who has played multiple video games would love this.

Just finished it. I wasn't expecting it to be so ambitious!

Just played through this, and I'm mindblown. I loved the take on many different genres. The bad guy was an awful, awful person, in a good story kind of way.

7/5 would buy again

I already bought this on Steam, but I just want to say that this game is excellent.

Surprising dark & enjoyable game.

I liked the mysteries and the take on the different game areas.


Looks really cool and spooky, but the drawing style kinda looks like Scribblenauts which (in my own opinion) makes it look a little too soft

hello daniel, will you release pony island on itch??