The Hex 1.13 - Japanese and Dutch Translations!

It feels a weird to patch this game after all this time but how could I not when fine folks step up offering to translate it into their languages?

Thank you so much to @hymg000, @plcube and @gyunyu_5959for their work in translating the many lines of text in The Hex to Japanese.

And many thanks to Thomas De Coster (@linkyen1) for the Dutch localization!

This patch also fixed an embarrassing options menu bug and fixed a bug that had been introduced with a prior patch that broke the ARG secrets trail! Thank you to @Flemmonade_ for pointing that out (and check out his YouTube channel!)

To everyone who has played The Hex, I thank you again!

Fan art by @Yazawa_Akio


The Hex - Windows 262 MB
May 02, 2022
The Hex - Mac 279 MB
May 02, 2022
The Hex - Linux 283 MB
May 02, 2022

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